Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gun Ownership & Homicides Internationally Revisited

These charts explore density of gun ownership per 100 people and homicides per 100,000. In almost all countries (even Yemen), the higher density the gun ownership is - the less the homicide rate is. The only exception appears to be Mexico where the homicide rate is more prevalent than the gun ownership. Meanwhile, the far east Asian countries have low gun ownership and low homicide rates. 

Of course, many variables factor into homicide rates; however, the correlation between gun ownership and lower homicide rate can not be dismissed. I hope the charts promote thinking a bit deeper than the propaganda of a few media segments, political rigaramoo or emotional reaction to current events. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Shooting Ranges Cambodia

Cambodia has developed tourism niche based upon shooting ranges. Some have described it as the best experience of their life. In the outdoor range outside of Phenom Penh, you can even shoot down bamboo houses with bazookas. The links below may be tour operators. It is also possible to just show up at a range. Many taxis or private car for hire drivers know the locations.

The Siem Reap range is less equiped and basically you go into the gun shack and pick out your gun of choice. Then, you load the ammo or the military dude will do it for you. There is an outdoor target range. There really isn´t any safety precautions except for ear protection.